2013_Utopic Dream of the Romanian Economy

"Utopic Dream of the Romanian Economy" at Cluj International Ceramics  Biennale (CICB 2013)

Utopic dream of the Romanian Economy”, Iulian Virtopeanu

It is an installation consisting of a football gate, ceramic plates and two footballs

The football gate:

It is two-dimensional. There are 4 panels with ceramic plates of different colours, but similar shapes and sizes. Gate symbolizes the European economy. Plates of the same colour represent GDP (“Gross Domestic Product”) of the most representative European countries contributing to European GDP percentage:

The plates:    - dark gray – Germany’s GDP

                       - dark purple – GDP of France

                      - white – UK GDP

                        - green – Italy’s GDP

                        - light ocher – Spanish GDP

                        - orange – Dutch GDP

                        - light purple – Swiss GDP

                        - etc…

- red – Greek GDP (it could also be broken, to be in the spirit of immediate reality, but also as a symbol of Greek tradition of    breaking plates after the party)

The footballs:

Romania's GDP is represented by two footballs, one is the economy of Romania and the second is the reserve (back up). They are made of white clay painted with Botz pigments (1200 º C).

 On the two balls are painted:

- logos of Bank institutions (World, European, National): IMF, EBRD, European Central Bank, BNR, contributing to the development of Romanian economy;

- logos factories: UAP (Pitesti Car Factory), ARO, InterAgro, Brasov Tractor Factory (UTB), etc. Some of them represent the past, others the past and the present Romanian economy.

The utopic dream of Romanian economy is to get through a well placed shot right into the gate of the European economy.

I made the second ball in case the first ball would miss the gate and it goes in weeds, considering the poor training of players.

Iulian Vîrtopeanu

Visual Artist

Mobile phone: +4 0745 098 250